Supporters of
Denton ISD

A grassroots effort to support school board candidates who prioritize all students, teachers, and staff over partisan politics.

We are a group of community members dedicated to supporting school board candidates who prioritize children over partisan politics. To accomplish this, we have two overarching goals.

We are committed to endorsing and electing school board members who prioritize the well-being of students and teachers over partisan politics. Our aim is to create an educational environment free from divisive ideologies, ensuring that the primary focus remains on providing quality education to every student.

Diversity is our strength, and we strive to support and elect school board members who champion the needs of students from all identities. Our commitment extends to fostering inclusive educational policies that recognize and celebrate the unique backgrounds and experiences of every student. By doing so, we aim to create a school system that is welcoming, supportive, and equitable for all.

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